Let Kindness Start with You

The July challenge for Linus’ “12 Months of Kindness” campaign is 8 days late… and it’s my fault.

Back in December, I wrote down challenge ideas for each of the 12 months that lay ahead. I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get stuck for ideas; I’d be ready to write every month. But sometimes, life gets in the way.

I have to travel a lot for work and I’ve been stuck an extra night on each of the last two trips due to weather or airplane mechanical issues. I’m preparing for a move in a few weeks to a new construction home and that means scheduling time with fence people, window treatment people, fridge shopping, etc. And then I caught a cold. I was feeling bad physically and also feeling bad about not getting this month’s challenge posted when it hit me…


This is a kindness campaign! The kind of people that follow a blog like this don’t mind if it’s a little late. You are the kind of people that care about others – about their health and happiness. You do nice things for people all the time. You put others before yourselves on a daily basis.

So why have I been so hard on myself about this?

It seems to me that my biggest critic is… me. I suspect this may be true for many of you as well. My friends and loved ones don’t care if I’ve gained a few pounds or if there isn’t a dining table in the new house right away or if I have to cancel a lunch date because I’m stuck in an airport somewhere – but these things weigh heavily on my mind.

So, I’ve scrapped the planned challenge I had for July and instead I’m going to ask each of you to show a little kindness to yourself. Give yourself a compliment, treat yourself to a mani/pedi, go ahead and have dessert. Let’s bring this kindness campaign back home because the world might be a little brighter if we feel good about ourselves.

One of my favorite things about Linus has always been his little snaggle tooth. Let’s learn to love our flaws too.

IMG_3262And if you are feeling brave enough, post a comment here or on Linus’ Facebook page telling everyone one thing you love about yourself. You may be surprised how freeing it will feel.


Linus’ mom



Spring Cleaning – 12 Months of Kindness campaign


Spring has arrived (even if some of you are still stuck in winter coats and mittens)! A season of renewal; green and floral. It’s also the time of year when many families will take on the dreaded task of spring cleaning… but don’t you feel so much better when it’s done!?!

In case you are a little overwhelmed with the prospect of getting started this year, I found this handy little checklist from Martha Stewart to help you get organized.

I must admit, I have ulterior motives. While you are cleaning and organizing this year, I want you to pull out all the clothes you aren’t wearing anymore and don’t forget those towels that you’ve been meaning to toss out because they have holes or are worn and discolored. This month’s challenge is to donate!

IMG_2168Donating the clothing you aren’t using makes space in your closet, but also goes to someone that may not have afforded them new. What if someone was able to wear your donation to a job interview? Wouldn’t you feel good knowing you helped someone get a job that enabled them to take care of their family? I think so!

I recently read that half of Americans aren’t willing to travel more than 10 minutes to drop clothing off for donation. Use this locator to help you find one near you!

And what will you do with the towels I asked you to set aside? Any animal shelter or rescue would be delighted to receive them! Dogs and cats don’t care if the towels have a hole or two. They don’t care if there is a little fringe at the edge or a bleach spot. Shelters can use these donations to dry a wet animal, clean up messes, or simply as a soft bed for an animal to lay on. My furry friend, McGrady, is always accepting donations like these to deliver to rural shelters in need if you can’t find one near you.


Please share a picture of your gift or just tell your story on my Facebook page… it always inspires my readers to do great things!

Go now and spread the kindness friends!

Who Let the Dogs Out

I’m a new blogger. Heck, I’m still pretty new to social media in general! I want to change the world, though, and have been truly inspired by the impact a blog can have. I kicked off my 12 Months of Kindness campaign on January 1st of this year and it’s been viewed by people in 15 countries already! It makes my heart sing to think of people all over the world doing something nice for someone.

But how does a new blogger (and one that isn’t very tech savvy, I might add) get the ball really rolling? I think I may find the answer at BlogPaws!

I watched Who Let the Dogs Out on the Hallmark channel today and Tillman the skateboarding dog  and BlogPaws have offered up a way that I might be able to attend… this blog will earn me an entry into the contest! If you haven’t seen the show, it is not only entertaining but also educational.

(1) Being an amateur trick dog, today’s show made me feel better – even the teams of experienced trick dogs get anxiety about how their dogs will perform!

There was also a segment about BlogPaws on the show today. (2) I had heard of this event before, but really enjoyed the clips showing how all the dog-bloggers and vendors get to interact with and learn from each other.

(3) If I get to attend this year, I’m certain I can learn more about the technologies people are using to get their message out. I would get to consult with a great many experienced bloggers about how they caught the attention of the public. And most importantly, I’m sure I would make some life-long personal connections with other people and dogs interested in make the world a better place somehow.

I’m going to run and start packing my bags, just in case…


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