Sending Kindness: a “12 Months of Kindness” challenge

Hello friends!IMG_3849

Does it feel like it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me? It’s only been a month, but sometimes those 30 days seem to drag by.

We all have busy lives. Kids, spouses, jobs, hobbies, volunteer work… these things take a lot of time but also give our lives meaning. These activities make us who we are and generally bring us together with other like-minded people.

Sometimes, though, it seems hard to make time to reach out to people we love/admire/appreciate because they are far away. It’s silly, really. In this day and age social media makes sending a little note very simple. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… and yet I’m guilty of not reaching out to a lot of people that I enjoy.

That brings me to this month’s challenge in the “12 Months of Kindness” campaign. It’s a simple one that will cost you no more than a postage stamp or less.


Just write a little note to someone you haven’t spoken with lately. It will let them know that you’ve thought of them, that they are special, that you took time out of your busy life to acknowledge their importance… even if it doesn’t say those things specifically.

Send it electronically or through the mail. It doesn’t really matter how it gets there, just do it. It may end up in someone’s mailbox exactly when they need a little kindness the most. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box on this one either! Maybe you are really good about keeping in touch with your friends and family. Send a note to a volunteer organization telling them how much you appreciate what they do. Leave a note in your mailbox for your mail carrier. Get creative!

All of you that read and participate in this kindness campaign mean a lot to me. You’ve certainly brought me great joy and I wish I could send each of you a personal note. I can’t wait to hear how you take on this challenge, so don’t forget to post your comment!

Go now and spread the kindness friends!

Love, Linus.


13 thoughts on “Sending Kindness: a “12 Months of Kindness” challenge

  1. There are so many reasons that I love this month’s challenge. I personally LOVE receiving unexpected letters/cards in the mail. It truly is an awesome way to show somebody that you are thinking about them. And my main reason…. End of October is yet another anniversary of the day my Dad passed. I was so young when it happened, and it was so horrible. But the one thing I took out of that was to make sure that the people that are important to me know it. I haven’t been so great about keeping up with my sister in NY and I hate that. I’m sending her the cutest card. It really is so perfect. I may post a pic of it after she gets its. She is so important to me and I hate that the challenge had to remind me to let her know she’s important, but I’ll make sure to do better! Challenge accepted.

    • You are so good at this! Your sister will be delighted to get the card. I’m sure this month is a little hard on everyone that lost your dad. Hearing from you will give them some comfort. You are a very thoughtful lady, Susan. I adore you 🙂

      • So for my calendar challenge my sister gave me and for the October little dog Linus challenge, I put a note on my neighbors doorstep. It was a pretty card with 2 lollipops inside. It said, “I hope you have a Boo-tiful day and Happy Halloween.” Cheesy is good! I also mailed out 5 cards to people important to me. Challenge complete!

      • Cheesy IS good!! Susan – you are amazing. I wonder if any of those 5 people were inspired to send a card of their own? I bet your simple act is rippling through the universe even as I type!

  2. Linus you know email notes are great, but putting pen to paper or postcard and taking the time to get it mailed really does mean a lot these busy days…I will try to send at least one postcard every week this month

  3. Linus what a great idea! I am known to give hugs to my co-workers as well as random e-hugs online. I think its really needed as we head into holiday season where people find themselves stressed or lonely.

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