With Compliments: a “12 Months of Kindness” challenge

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

And give, we will! But in this month’s challenge, giving isn’t going to cost you a penny.

Did anyone ever tell you they liked your shoes? Your hair? The way you gave up your seat for someone elderly?

Felt pretty good, didn’t it?

A compliment is such an easy thing to give, yet what we get from them is huge. Mark Twain said he could live for two months on a good compliment. I couldn’t agree more, but if you need some reasons for giving a compliment, here are just a few.

Compliments are mutually beneficial and go a long way into spreading kindness, so that’s your challenge for the month of September. Just give away a compliment.

IMG_3020IMG_3022     526137_376424249073106_1155410193_n

Being a cute little dog, children love to snuggle with Linus. I’m always pleasantly surprised when they ask first if they can pet him. I’m pretty good at complimenting the children on their good manners, but this month I’m going to really focus on also complimenting the parents. They’ve clearly done a good job educating their child and I appreciate it.

IMG_1863    IMG_3886

Please be sure to share your compliments here in the comments or on Linus’ Facebook page. Your stories always inspire my readers.

Go now and spread the kindness friends.


4 thoughts on “With Compliments: a “12 Months of Kindness” challenge

  1. Challenge complete! I do give compliments some what regularly to the people I know. It feels good to make them feel good. But sometimes I think its nice to give compliments to strangers that don’t expect them. SO….this morning at the gym I stopped to talk to the front desk lady. She’s real sweet. She’s a larger lady, but whenever I watch her working out, she ALWAYS gives it her all. Sometimes she works with a trainer. Other times she does her own thing, but kind of coaching her friend. I always watch her though because she motivates me!!! Sometimes I think at the gym people are always inspired by the uber fit people and if that’s not you, you may be intimidated or feel self conscious. So I wanted to let her know that SHE inspires me. That she looks like she is killing her workout all the time and it makes me want to push harder. I think I caught her off guard with that compliment. She kept saying thank you. I’ve been wanting to tell her that for a while =)

    • So proud of you for pushing your boundaries. I can say without question that you really caught that woman off guard and totally made her day! I bet she lives off those words for awhile and it pushes her to work even harder. Well done, my friend 🙂

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