Kindness has taken root.

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart

I’m amazed and so proud of the way you have taken up these challenges. This idea that we can impact our communities through simple acts of kindness has spread to more than 30 countries already! Isn’t it just mind-boggling how kindness takes root and springs up in the most unexpected places!?!

This month, you’re getting two challenges for the price of one… they are still free and easy, and everyone can participate.

The first August challenge is: the Cut._MG_8767

You can do this! Just let someone go ahead of you. Lots of possibilities here my friends: could be in line at the grocery store, could be in the lunch line at your school cafeteria, could even be at home when you let your sister/spouse/child use the bathroom ahead of you. How about letting someone merge into the lane you are driving in?

I’m certainly not asking you to do this every time you are standing in line somewhere, but what if that one time you let someone cut they were able to get home to a sick child just a few minutes sooner? What if they were able to get to their interview on time and land that job they really need? What if those few minutes were the difference? Can you spare a few minutes to share a little kindness?

Part two of the August challenge: Introduce yourself.

My recent move has inspired this portion of this month’s challenge. Within days of the moving trucks descending on my new home, some of the neighbors came by with brownies & cookies.

neighbor note

(In drastic contrast, I’ve been watching the sentencing of Ariel Castro recently and am appalled that he was able to imprison 3 women in his home for 11 years.) So, the other part of your mission this month is to introduce yourself to someone in your neighborhood. I’m asking you to trade in social media for being social just once this month. You don’t have to invite a stranger to your home or anything, but if you run into someone at the mailbox, say hello. Find out their name and something about them. Don’t you think if we make an attempt to get to know each other, kindness is bound to follow?

This one is harder to snap a picture of, but my readers love to hear about how you you’ve taken on these challenges so be sure to leave a comment here or on my Facebook page! Your notes inspire me to keep going as well!


Go now and spread the kindness friends!


8 thoughts on “Kindness has taken root.

  1. Ok, this one was tougher for me! I’m biggest flaw is that I’m EXTREMELY impatient! LOL! Let somebody cut me?!??? NO WAY! But I did it. I was at the grocery store yesterday and all the lines were really long. So, I let the person behind me get in front of me. She thanked me a billion time and said God Bless you. It did feel good to make her so happy.
    Part 2- I’ve lived in my house for 8ish years and only know one neighbor. Part of it is that I’m so busy and when I’m home I’m inside in my yoga pants relaxing. The other part of it is, what do you say to a complete stranger??? Its easy when they have something in common. If you like to cook, love dogs, photography,or like excercise, I like you! SO… I have made a point to say hello to every neighbor I see outside when I’m doing my therapy walks with my dog. Yesterday I went for a longer walk and saw a neighbor walking his dog. So, because Linus told me to, I stopped to talk to him. He also got his dog from a rescue. She was a year old American bulldog. He was working on training her because she still had a bit of puppy in her and she goes crazy when people come to the house or ring the doorbell. He doesn’t let people pet her on walks because its their training time. He used to have a yellow ribbon on her leash, but she ate it.
    So, in the end, I did enjoy this month’s challenge even though it was the most challenging for me. I’m an impatient shy girl! Thanks for helping me branch out. I’m going to make a point to let people cut me every once in a while. And I REALLY enjoyed talking to my neighbor (but he was a dog lover, so of course I was drawn to that)

    • Oh Susan. I just adore you! You do such a great job of not only completing the challenges, but also telling us about it. It cracked me up to hear about the man’s dog eating the yellow ribbon. I bet he really enjoyed meeting you and telling that story. You continue to be a great delight to me. Muah!

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