Reflections on a Half Year of Kindness

It’s June which makes it the 6th month in my “12 Months of Kindness” campaign. Half-way through! I just can’t believe how fast these months have passed and couldn’t be more thrilled with the way you have embraced each challenge.

IMG_3545This project is about making the world a better, kinder place. It’s about committing to just one small act every month that causes another being to have a better day. It’s about the possibility of setting in motion a chain reaction of kind acts that motivate others to carry on what you’ve started.

I told you in the beginning that this thing could be big and six months into it, all I can tell you is that I am NOT disappointed. You’ve left kind notes for random people, made donations of all kinds, literally picked up trash in your communities and educated yourselves (and me!) on a variety of mental illnesses.

Yep, you are good. You are kind. You make me smile every day.

I sat down to write this month’s challenge and instead ended up reflecting on all that we’ve done. It occurred to me that the act of reflection itself can have a great impact. When someone does something nice for you, don’t you feel nicer yourself? I think so!

So… I scrapped the challenge I intended to set before you and instead we are going to spend this month reflecting on what others have done for us. We’re going to celebrate those kind acts in hopes that sharing them will inspire others.

Kindness really is this simple.

There are Super Heroes among us! If someone did something nice for you or you witnessed a random act of kindness, please take a moment to share it here in my blog comments or on my Facebook page. I’m certain your stories will fuel us through the rest of the year.


Go now and spread the kindness friends!