I drank dog water. (confessions of a dog mom)

IMG_2568I took a vacation day this week to road trip to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. I’d been planning on it for some time; I’ve always wanted to see the wisteria in bloom there. Of course I took Linus, but I also took my good friend Sarah (of McGraw Photography), and her beautiful dog, Sadie.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. Maybe a little too sunny as I came home with a sunburn, but I’m not complaining. I know a lot of you reading this are suffering through a long winter.

I carried a bottle of water along for me and another for the dogs. I also carry little portable bowls, so there is really no danger of mixing the two bottles up, right? Well, it was pretty warm out, like I said, and I didn’t want to waste any water in case we needed it further down the trail, so after the dogs were done drinking, I poured it back into the bottle. I keep my bottle in a separate pocket of my bag though, so there is still no problem telling them apart. I’m good at this!

We strolled down to Bass Pond and let the dogs splash in the water.


We relaxed in the grass under the shade of a tree and just enjoyed the dogs AND the view.

The trails through the azalea garden, walled garden, and spring garden delighted us. Even if I was a little disappointed that many of the flowers I hoped to see weren’t in bloom yet, the forsythia did not disappoint! It was gloriously full of yellow blooms.


The wisteria – the main reason for this trip – was not in bloom. Fortunately, there was a flowering cherry tree that made up for it. IMG_3375 IMG_2555

This tree was such a stunner. Get close and you hear it humming with hundreds of bees. Pictures just simply can’t do it justice, but the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background of the one below certainly help.


What a beautiful day! I was exhausted when I got home and dumped my bags on the floor. Today, I cleaned up the mess. I took the bottle of dog water out of my bag and set it on the table… right next to the bottle I had been drinking. I put a few other things away and came back for a drink. You know what happened.

If I start barking in my sleep, you’ll know why.


Linus’ mom


4 thoughts on “I drank dog water. (confessions of a dog mom)

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  2. Hi, I thought about you all a lot on Tuesday and said to myself…call Karla….and I completely let it slip my mind when I finally got home exhauseted nd of course by the time I thought about it again you were probably drinking the bottle of water!!! I am so happy that you made the trip and that it was so much fun, wish I could have gone. When the wistera does bloom and you go again, maybe we can do it together. I signed a contract with a realtor last Sat. after our walk and she said she wanted to move it ASAP, but we had lots of work to yet be done. She offered to get a cleaning crew for a meare $5oo….soooooo your friend and her girls got BUSY and worked like beavers to fluse up the yard and completely clean the inside of the house. She did allow us to put some stuff in the garage since it wasn’t time enough to ride everything. After working all day and into the 9 o’cock hour, the job was finished and the house is now on the market!!!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed it moves quickly and this chapter of my life will be read. I, in the meantime, have a rather uncomfortable case of poison ivey, so am home and miserable. Another downer for me is that the photo class was canceled…not enough people and the email says it is doubtful they will offer it again…..so, I have a camera that I don’tknow how to use, but in time I know I will. I did not go to see Cheryl this weekend, didn’t want to itch all the way through her run. If they don’t have enough dogs at RMH, let me know and we can get together and join you, if you are going. Hope your week has been more fun/exciting than mine. Keep in touch and hug Linus. Tucker and Windi

  3. What a lovely day in Asheville…it’s great that the dogs are permitted to stroll the paths with you…Don’t worry, a little dog water never hurt anyone…I’ve done it more than once 🙂

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