I drank dog water. (confessions of a dog mom)

IMG_2568I took a vacation day this week to road trip to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. I’d been planning on it for some time; I’ve always wanted to see the wisteria in bloom there. Of course I took Linus, but I also took my good friend Sarah (of McGraw Photography), and her beautiful dog, Sadie.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. Maybe a little too sunny as I came home with a sunburn, but I’m not complaining. I know a lot of you reading this are suffering through a long winter.

I carried a bottle of water along for me and another for the dogs. I also carry little portable bowls, so there is really no danger of mixing the two bottles up, right? Well, it was pretty warm out, like I said, and I didn’t want to waste any water in case we needed it further down the trail, so after the dogs were done drinking, I poured it back into the bottle. I keep my bottle in a separate pocket of my bag though, so there is still no problem telling them apart. I’m good at this!

We strolled down to Bass Pond and let the dogs splash in the water.


We relaxed in the grass under the shade of a tree and just enjoyed the dogs AND the view.

The trails through the azalea garden, walled garden, and spring garden delighted us. Even if I was a little disappointed that many of the flowers I hoped to see weren’t in bloom yet, the forsythia did not disappoint! It was gloriously full of yellow blooms.


The wisteria – the main reason for this trip – was not in bloom. Fortunately, there was a flowering cherry tree that made up for it. IMG_3375 IMG_2555

This tree was such a stunner. Get close and you hear it humming with hundreds of bees. Pictures just simply can’t do it justice, but the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background of the one below certainly help.


What a beautiful day! I was exhausted when I got home and dumped my bags on the floor. Today, I cleaned up the mess. I took the bottle of dog water out of my bag and set it on the table… right next to the bottle I had been drinking. I put a few other things away and came back for a drink. You know what happened.

If I start barking in my sleep, you’ll know why.


Linus’ mom


Spring Cleaning – 12 Months of Kindness campaign


Spring has arrived (even if some of you are still stuck in winter coats and mittens)! A season of renewal; green and floral. It’s also the time of year when many families will take on the dreaded task of spring cleaning… but don’t you feel so much better when it’s done!?!

In case you are a little overwhelmed with the prospect of getting started this year, I found this handy little checklist from Martha Stewart to help you get organized.

I must admit, I have ulterior motives. While you are cleaning and organizing this year, I want you to pull out all the clothes you aren’t wearing anymore and don’t forget those towels that you’ve been meaning to toss out because they have holes or are worn and discolored. This month’s challenge is to donate!

IMG_2168Donating the clothing you aren’t using makes space in your closet, but also goes to someone that may not have afforded them new. What if someone was able to wear your donation to a job interview? Wouldn’t you feel good knowing you helped someone get a job that enabled them to take care of their family? I think so!

I recently read that half of Americans aren’t willing to travel more than 10 minutes to drop clothing off for donation. Use this locator to help you find one near you!

And what will you do with the towels I asked you to set aside? Any animal shelter or rescue would be delighted to receive them! Dogs and cats don’t care if the towels have a hole or two. They don’t care if there is a little fringe at the edge or a bleach spot. Shelters can use these donations to dry a wet animal, clean up messes, or simply as a soft bed for an animal to lay on. My furry friend, McGrady, is always accepting donations like these to deliver to rural shelters in need if you can’t find one near you.


Please share a picture of your gift or just tell your story on my Facebook page… it always inspires my readers to do great things!

Go now and spread the kindness friends!