LITTERally changing the world one act of kindness at a time


Don’t you just feel better when your house is clean? I personally can’t resist laying in a
IMG_3046freshly laundered pile of towels and I’m always happy to help clean up any food that might be dropped on the floor.

I suspect the world might just be a kinder place if it were a little bit cleaner too. So, let’s do our part for the environment this month by simply picking it up!

By now I’m sure you already know the impact litter has on the health of our planet and air quality, but it also injures thousands of animals and people every year. In researching the subject I found this article that suggests litter is also a “primary source of injury to young children and causes approximately 2,500 vehicular accidents each year”. And if that wasn’t enough, the article further suggests that here in the United States, litter costs taxpayers $2.5 billion a year!

Knowing all that should make this month’s challenge very easy. Make an effort to pick up just one piece of litter. It isn’t practical to think you can pick up every piece of trash you see, but one is doable. If you walk your dog, you carry poo bags with you already. They fit easily in your pocket or your purse and could be used to grab a nasty little something off the ground. Don’t have a dog? That’s ok. One of the plastic bags you get from any number of stores will work just as well.

Share a picture of your trashy haul or just tell your story on my Facebook page… it might cause someone to think twice before they litter.


Go now and spread the kindness friends!


6 thoughts on “LITTERally changing the world one act of kindness at a time

  1. Hi Linus, it is amazing how much all kinds of people leave behind. Mom, cricket & I pick up on our walks, but shamefully find stuff where we do our Pet Therapy visits. Thanks for making all of us more aware! Keep up your good work. Your friend, Windi

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