Doggie DIY – Pillowcase Dog Bed


Looking for an easy, inexpensive way to create a custom bed for your dog? You are in the right place!


What you need:

  • Pillowcase
  • Bleach in a spray bottle
  • Freezer paper
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Cardboard
  • Some sort of stuffing (an actual pillow will be fine, or use a washable poly-fill)

What you’ll do:

1. Cut out the desired pattern or words in freezer paper and iron into place on the pillowcase with the shiny side down. (I ironed fairly lightly as I was afraid of burning the paper).IMG_1788

2. Insert cardboard between the two layers of the pillowcase, then spray the front side with bleach. You’ll notice the color starting to change fairly immediately. I stripped the freezer paper after just a few minutes, while the bleach was still damp.


I did a test run on the covers the pillowcases came in. I sprayed the heart on the left lightly and removed the freezer paper while the bleach was still damp. For the hearts on the right, I sprayed the bleach heavily and waited until the fabric was completely dry before removing the freezer paper. In the photo on the right I played with letting large drops of bleach fall on the fabric. There are lots of options here and I would encourage you to play around! It would also be cool to do a reverse affect, where you cover a large portion of the pillowcase in freezer paper and bleach out the image itself.


3. Allow the project to dry, then send it through a cycle in your washer and dryer. When it’s dry, just put a pillow in it and call it a day OR turn it inside out and stitch up 3/4 of the open side. Turn it right side back out, fill with stuffing, and sew up the opening that remains.


There are a lot of fun things you can do with this! Maybe just a simple dog silhouette or your dog’s name would be fantastic and you could choose from many, many colors of pillowcases. This would also make a great gift for someone who just rescued a dog or even a housewarming gift.

Don’t limit this technique to a dog bed either! I think I’ll give the chevron patterned pillowcase above to the local children’s hospital. They welcome pillowcase crafts as it makes the patients feel a little more at home. I think this pattern would be great for maybe a tween-age boy.

Wouldn’t this also be a fun rainy day project for your kids? 

I’d love to see your finished projects and hear about what you’ve done with them. Please post a pic to my Facebook page… your work never fails to inspire others.


LITTERally changing the world one act of kindness at a time


Don’t you just feel better when your house is clean? I personally can’t resist laying in a
IMG_3046freshly laundered pile of towels and I’m always happy to help clean up any food that might be dropped on the floor.

I suspect the world might just be a kinder place if it were a little bit cleaner too. So, let’s do our part for the environment this month by simply picking it up!

By now I’m sure you already know the impact litter has on the health of our planet and air quality, but it also injures thousands of animals and people every year. In researching the subject I found this article that suggests litter is also a “primary source of injury to young children and causes approximately 2,500 vehicular accidents each year”. And if that wasn’t enough, the article further suggests that here in the United States, litter costs taxpayers $2.5 billion a year!

Knowing all that should make this month’s challenge very easy. Make an effort to pick up just one piece of litter. It isn’t practical to think you can pick up every piece of trash you see, but one is doable. If you walk your dog, you carry poo bags with you already. They fit easily in your pocket or your purse and could be used to grab a nasty little something off the ground. Don’t have a dog? That’s ok. One of the plastic bags you get from any number of stores will work just as well.

Share a picture of your trashy haul or just tell your story on my Facebook page… it might cause someone to think twice before they litter.


Go now and spread the kindness friends!