12 Months of Kindness

I attended BarkWorld in October, 2012 and heard speakers from Twitter and Meetup talk about “community”. I heard many attendees talk about how they were able to use social media to connect people and do something positive for dogs and the people that love them.

I knew I wanted to get involved. Particularly in light of all the violence in the media over the last year, I wanted to inspire people to simply DO SOMETHING NICE. And a blog was born.

The idea is to give my readers just one act of kindness to complete each month. Simple things that don’t take a lot of time or cost a lot of money, but make someone’s day a little brighter. Imagine how those acts might inspire the people impacted by them. You can see how quickly this thing can snowball and create a better world.

Jump in any time! If you missed a month or two, don’t worry – no one is counting (though I thought at first it would be pretty cool to compile some metrics on all the kind things we’d done throughout the year). Tell us about your acts here on my blog or on my Facebook page or keep it all to yourself… it really doesn’t matter. Just do it.

The challenges are found here:

January: Post-it

February: Play

March: Pick it up

April: Donate

May: Educate

June: Reflect

July: You

August: Cut & Introduce Yourself

September: Compliment

October: Sending Kindness

November: Giving Thanks


2 thoughts on “12 Months of Kindness

  1. I decided each month to ‘add’ the challenges, not exchange them.. so, I’m still putting little notes on random cars- some just have a smiley face, some have quotes or sayings.. some say ‘I like the way you park! =) ‘ and even keep a few in the back of the pack with notes about flat tires, too. I am still picking up trash, donating dog food to the food bank in my area every month too. It’s made me a happier person to followup on each little challenge… keep up the ideas! THANKS!!

    • This gives me goosebumps! I’m amazed by your enthusiasm! I’m just sitting here thinking about the impact you must have had on your community over the last several months… WOW! Truly inspirational.

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